Friday, January 14, 2011

I Need some Camera Advice

Guess who informed me that this is my 50th post?! My dear friend Bleah Briann did! Yeah, I didn't realize that I was so close to a landmark. (I havent been on blogger in forever, what do ya expect??) So about being gone...forever... *ahem* I was behind in school and didnt have anytime what-so-ever to post or comment. :)
Moving swiftly on...

How was Thanksgiving?
How was Christmas? 

geez I've been gone to long.

Here are some updates:


I am saving up for a DSLR! :D I am very eager to get it.. (duh) and I am torn between two cameras:
  • The Nikon d60
  • And the Canon Rebel T1i

I thought long and hard about getting the Nikon d5000 which is basically the Nikon d60 with better video quality. (Right?)
I don't really need video because our family camera does the job fine. So if I don't need amazing video capability, why should I spend (not to mention earn) the extra $200 on a feature I won't use?
Got a opponion on which is better? The Nikon or the Canon. :) There both Ah-mazing cameras and about the same price. I have shot with a Nikon D80 and feel in love with it. I have also shot with a Canon T1i multiple times and it takes stunning pictures as well.


I had a good Christmas! I hope you did. :)  I got an adorable puppy. He is a Coton De Tulear. (Awesome breed!)


Now I must say that that  ^ is not my puppy for I do not have a good picture of him.  But he looks just like him. :)


 First, I cannot find my MP3 player! *sobs*  Very, very irritating. 

If I had a Nano, I would so want the Green, Yellow or Orange. :) {Even though my favorite color is Pink, pink Nano's are just to popular.} 

I have recently started listening to Adam Young's album, An Airplane Carried me to Bed-- Sky Sailing. gah! I love it! 

Snow! I am really enjoying the snow right now because down in Florida, we don't get snow. (I am not in FL right now.) The sunsets are so pretty where I am staying. Everynight. Beautiful.I can't wait to get my DSLR and be able to capture a good photo of it!
 Fare thee well and keep warm! ^_^


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Nikon Katie. ALWAYS go with a Nikon.


Love Unawakened said...

Adorable pics!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the pictures you took with your "point and shoot" looked pretty great! Good job. Oh,your blog looks cute too. H

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Bleah I never know when you comment! :/ I am leaning torwars the Nikon because well... I like Nikon. :P I guess I will just get whichever is provided. :)

Thank you Anonymous!! My point and shoot has its moods. lol

Guinevere said...

CANON. Don't you dare listen to Bleah. Canons are always the most reliable and ya gotta admit they've got the best colors!

A Little Opera Goes A Long Way is my fave Sky Sailing song. Luvs it <3.

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Ah! See why I am kinda sorta REALLY torn? Half my friends say Canon the other half Nikon. *humph* Canon do seem more heavy duty....
And Yes, Canon does have a color variety! :D But I would like a black DSRL. :)