Thursday, November 11, 2010


Its Bleah again... I didn't ask Katie if I could post this... I hope she doesn't mind. I've just been thinking about Katie alot lately...

We're penpals... and when she sends me letters they're SO thick, I get all hyped and excited. Its like Christmas... once a week or so. *wink* (lol) Anyway, I love getting letters from her, they just... I don't know make me feel special. Being friends with Katie also makes me feel special. So I've put together this little thing for her...

Kindred spritis
Architect of friendship
Totally and completely AH-mazing
I love her!!! :) *wink*
Excitingly wonderfully... herself.

So yes... thats my girl. (lol) just wanted to let you know, and let her know, that she is awesome. And I've been thinking about her ALOT lately.


NatureFreak said...

Hey Katie! I am following you now, and I saw at the top that you need a blog designer? I do it for free, email me if your interested :


NatureFreak said...

I sent you the info form. E-mail me back asap so I can start your design! I'm excited to design for such and awesome blogger! :)

NatureFreak said...

Hello darling Katie! I took the little quiz on the sidebar and got... AN 100!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! I must know you pretty well :)

Katie Krinkleberry said...

Yay for NatureFreak!! Congrats on getting 100% on moi quiz! :D