Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hey guys! So... as you can probably tell by now. This isn't Katie. So who am I and what on earth am I doing on this lovely blog?
Well... my name is Bleah Briann and I am attempting to NOT completely mess with the lovely order and balance of this absolutely perfect blog. I mean seriously... can we give it up for Katie? *crowd cheers* Thank you... thank you...

Alright. So Katie has been... erm... detained, recently from her blog. She hasn't dumped you... but she's a teenage girl with a life people! Can you really blame her?

I would like to assume that Katie and I are friends... verging on good friends if we haven't already made it there.
We both share the same love for Adam Young and all thing Owl City/Sky Sailing. We both have a love for Jesus Christ out Savior... taking pictures, and blogging.

Katie is a spectacular person... the best follower/friend you could ever ask for. And I am proud to be a penpal with her and to be e-mail buddies...and to over all know her at all. Because she is such a blessing.
And while she is away... if she will permit, I would love... love... love... to be able to post a little more often on her blog about how awesome she is.

So yeah... this Bleah, you can find me @ With Love and Kisses


The Golden Eagle said...

Katie is awesome, isn't she? ;D

Kendra said...

First Bleah and now Katie...wonder what's going on.

Katie/Popular Joker said...

Aww... *blushes* thanks Bleah dear! I would say we are goods friends.. (if only you heard how much I talk about you..) lol
Kendra, Like Bleah said, I am being detained. (for a undetermined amount of time.) I will try my best to get on whenever possible.
Eagle, :D You rock!
Katie the ever absent blogger

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

You rock girl! And if its okay with you I would LOOOOVE to post for you again soon.

Much Love,