Saturday, October 23, 2010

My wonderful Pen,

*Sighs* A thousand apologies! I have been neglecting my poor blog and your comment boxes! It is a shame. *hangs head* I have been very busy for past, hmm lets see, Month!? But that don't matter now. I am here, posting for you. Ok, moving on....

*gasp* Ugh! Oopsie. I put the words upside down... *blushes* Oh well.

I have bought a Calligraphy pen!
 That's my pen. No, it is not the prettiest thing, but, it is a left handed pen! eep! 
I bought it at my ALL TIME FAVORITE store in the WHOLE WORLD, Hobby Lobby! It is a UBER awesome store. It just got built and I could live there. They have everything, Everything I tell you. I bought my lovely pen, I got home, opened it and freaked out, "Mommmm!! *sobs* There noo.... ink!!" *Bangs head on wall* Doy! Come on Katie! How could I forget one of the most important parts of the pen, the ink cartridge. :-(
So, I am awaiting for the next trip to HobbyLobby to buy me some Ink.


Kendra said...

Sorry! :( I've always wanted one of those pens though!

Alyson-Louise Belle said...


Alright. I do love calligraphy pens. GASP. You know what I should do? I should make a CALLIGRAPHY PEN LOVER AWARD!!!! Wow, I'm a little loopy right now. Heh. Just talked to Bleah.

LURVE YOU!!!!!!!!


Pearl said...

that's a gorgeous pen! forgetting the ink cartridge, that's something I would do too hah ha! :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awesome pen... I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to write with it properly though.


Allie said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I use a Canon XTi! That is the older version of the Canon XSi! I would recommend a Canon for sure! I would love to know what you choose!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have been neglecting my blog a bunch lately. So I feel your pain. I shoot with a Nikon D90 and I love it. I used to shoot with a canon rebel but prefer the Nikon. IT is 6 of one and half dozen of the other. They are both great cameras. I just love the smooth shoot of the Nikon.
It helps also to have a great editing system. Good luck!