Monday, June 14, 2010

Nonsense... yeah, nonsense

Aw! Look how cute I was! {Keyword, was} LOL
I was about 2 almost 3, at mt Nana's wedding, I was the flower-girl with my older sister.
I was behind her throwing down the petals, and near the end of the isle, I started to pick them up and putting them back in my basket. :)

All that is in my brian right now is Nonsense. I am not thinking straight.

 I want to learn how to yodel.  Yup.   Yodel. All I got so far is A-E- A-E  -O-E O-E- Little old lady- whoo! :) I sound like a dying hyena! =-D I'm improving though. That's a +.
I want to yodel like Americas Got Talents Taylor Ware:
She was 8 and won yahoos yodeling contest! If she can learn at 7 years old, I can too.
Yeah she had the side of a mountain to yell off of to learn, but, I have the shower! If you want, I might even record me yodeling sometime and put it here on my blog! (It would completely humiliate me! But I have to be myself here right? Right.)
It is hard and embarrassing to try to yodel because you have to yell! You have use your chest voice witch is the same voice you use when yelling. And your chest voice is loud.

Well are you going to join me on my expedition to learn how to yodel?? Uh, no? Oh well I tried.

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