Monday, September 6, 2010

a post -- by Bleah Briann

hey! hi! howdy! 
My name is Bleah Briann and I reside @ the blog called: With Love and Kisses. 
Katie asked me to write for y'all today and I was very eager to say yes. So you have her to blame for whatever pain and suffering awaits you. :)
I asked Katie what she wanted me to write, and she said she didn't care as long as it wasn't about Switchfoot... *sigh* she knows me so well.
So I hope she doesn't mind that I plan on posting about... NOTHING. 
Yup, thats the theme of today's post... nothing at all. 

But maybe... perhaps, not exactly, what you're thinking.... When you walk outside... you can hear the wind russeling through the trees, and you can feel it against your skin.. but what do you see? Nothing.
How about this, you can look at a person, and they can say that they have a brain inside of their head, but do you see the brain? Nope, you see nothing.

You can see the effects of the wind, you can see how it works and what it does but you can't see it.
Everytime someone takes a step, breathes a breath, or thinks a thought... thats evidence of a brain.
But you can't see either one.
You can't see God either. As far as you can tell nothing is there and nothing is happening. But He's there. We have proof. Everything around us is proof that their is a God. I know He's there because I can feel the effects. I feel peace when my sings are fogiven, I know He listens to my prayers, and I've seen Him work miracles all around me. So I see nothing, but I know, that I know, that I know that God really is there.
We shouldn't always rely on what we can see, because if we focused on what we can see what we'd really have is... nothing.

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Katie/Popular Joker said...

Oh Bleah! THanks for posting! Lovely post dear!