Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscesllany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters I think I will join in this week! There is a lot of miscellany topics on my mind anyway... ;-)

  1. I am learning Alpha ShortHand. It is surprisingly fun. :) I only now the basic things at the moment, but it already is making me write a lot faster.
  2. I lost my voice last week and got a fever. We have been quite sick for the past couple of days. :( I finally got my voice back though. :D
  3. It is so hot out! It is unbearably hot. Not just a little hot, but super-duper hot. (Get the picture?) lol
  4. I got a haircut! Well, a trim.. (1 inch) LOL I love my long hair. It is now about 10inches from my neck. 
  5. I wear my hair in a high pony-tail with a pencil behind my ear almost everyday. :)
  6. And I got some more sillybandz. :) 13 now!
Wellz I hope I did it right this being my first time and all... lol Pretty easy rules I'll say!
Love ya'll!

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The Golden Eagle said...

Nice miscellaneous things! :D